Be The Miracle

Join us in congratulating Leslie Garcia, our 2016 Be The Miracle Scholar.  Leslie graduated from Muchin College Prep and will attend Kalmazoo College.  Her plan is to become a police officer and help rebuild the trust between residents and law enforcement.  She feels that law enforcement and residents working together can help us take back our communities.


This is Our Mission

The mission of Be The Miracle is to end the cycle of violence in Chicago by taking back and rebuilding our communities.  We award funds to Chicago college-bound scholars who will use their education to positively impact the community and assist with the rebuild.  We will create community action programs to empower residents to take action and ownership in the community.  We also support other organizations with the same goal of ending gun violence in the city and providing different opportunities for young people to achieve their goals of a better life.

We believe that support, unity and teamwork is the foundation for a strong community.  A strong community is the foundation for our youth.  Our youth hold the key to a bright future...and that future is NOW ! So, don't wait on a miracle, Be the Miracle.

As an organization we will:

  • Plan and host fundraising events.
  • Plan, host and sponsor community forums and events to brainstorm ways to improve the community.  Then present those ideas to our volunteers and determine a plan of action.
  • Select partner organizations with the same goal of ending violence and donate funds to their cause.
  • Sponsor essay contests for college-bound high school students with a passion for ending violence in the community.
  • Support the Be The Miracle Scholars throughout their four years in college and work with them in the summer at their community events.
  • Sponsor Community Pride Initiatives to promote unity and teamwork that will positively impact the communities.

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