Projects in Development

Be the Miracle is dedicated to saving and developing our youth. in addition to our BE THE MENTOR PROGRAM we are planning and developing the following:







To provide a positive adult role model for young people in some of the hardest hit communities in Chicago.  The pair will share a creative, educational, career or personal passion.  We will promote education, leadership, entrepreneurship, community involvement, creativity and life skills.  The pair will work together to map out a plan for their future and how to impact the community.

GOALS:  To build positive adult/youth relationships, develop young leaders and help mentees develop a vision for their future.  They will be encouraged to pursue higher education and use their passions to help others.  They will learn life skills to use now and in the future and the young will feel empowered and know they can make a difference in ending violence in the city.

OBJECTIVES:  The pairs will meet 12 times a year; 6 times face to face and 6 times virtually.  There will also be 4 whole group meeting during the year.  The youth will develop vision boards for themselves and action plans for community involvement and improvement.  They will explore education options and career paths.






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