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Whether behind the scenes or stealing the scene, Hassahn Liggins (HP) has had success in the entertainment industry as an accomplished Hip-Hop artist, songwriter, journalist, co-author of the book "The Soulful Parent", and the Co-Founder/Host of the Cypher Lounge Radio program.  HP is also Producer/Writer of the documentary film and web series, DEMOS.  The native Chicagoan considers himself a "Certified World Changer!"  Hassahn believes in changing the world for the better and he breathes those sentiments through his motto, "Instead of waiting for the miracle to happen, be the miracle that makes it happen".  He connected with his long time friend, fellow DePaul University graduate, and confidant, Kristen Perteet, to create the life-changing organization, "Be The Miracle."  Together, Hassahn and Kristen plan on impacting the world with powerful, profound, purposeful, and positive energy.  Find out more about Hassahn Phenomenon at, and don't forget to Be The Miracle.

Kristen Perteet, COO

Born and raised in Chicago, Kristen Perteet has worked with youth in the field of education for over fifteen (15) years.  She is a graduate of DePaul University, Spertus Institute and the Illinois Center for Broadcasting.  Her passions are family, her dog Lala, friends and sports.  While working with students she preaches the importance of education and life skills and using those tools to help strengthen the community.  It is disturbing to Kristen that the beautiful communities of Chicago are being destroyed by the increased violence against our youth.  She believes that it is time for the people of Chicago to take back their communities and provide a safe place for the youth to grow into the leaders they are meant to be in this world.  It is that belief in the city and her desire to make a difference that led Kristen and her long time friend, Hassahn Liggins, to create "Be The Miracle."


The Founders are only as good as their team so this is who they are


Julie Perteet, Executive Director

Karl Perteet, Director of Operations




Linda Liggins, President

Cyd Lockett, Treasurer

d'aprile properties


William Andre Buchanan, Member

Ram-Z Entertainment/Will Buchanan Investments

ILL 4 Real Entertainment


Wendy Cloyd, Member

Cloyd's Creative Creations


Rhonda Ingersol Hardy, Vice-President

Rhonda Hardy Designs


Michael Liggins, Member

Pamela J. Blackman, Member

President and CEO of Joy Management

Duane Porter

Applied Systems

Joseph Saindon

Saindon Construction

Dylan Pearson




Emilio Hardy,  Ruben Hardy,  Tiffany Isabel, Alicia Neal, Kristopher Perteet

BTM Logo_GIF.gif
BTM Logo_GIF.gif
BTM Logo_GIF.gif
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