Be The Leaders Description:  To provide our participants with knowledge, tools, guidance, and support in a safe environment.  These tools will be used to further their development as a student, leader and community-minded individual.


Goals:  We will engage with our participants to: increase exposure to different career choices and discuss the education/training required, develop a working plan for the future, develop a plan for reducing violence in the city and presenting it to elected officials and law enforcement, develop a plan to reinvest in the community, become financially responsible through finance literacy workshops and increase academic and community service achievements.


Objectives/Outcomes:  By the end of the academic year participants will:  know more about career choices and education/training needed, create vision boards, present a violence reduction proposal to decision-makers, develop a plan for community reinvestment, mentor their peers, increase their community service hours and achieve academic success



Be The Scholar Description:  To provide Chicago High School seniors funds to support their college education.  The students submit an essay describing their educational goals, career aspiration, and how they will invest in other youth in the city.  The winner will participate in activities and other events that will benefit Chicago youth.

Goals:  We will groom high school graduates to be leaders and reinvest their talents in the community.  We will mentor and provide support to the winners during college and beyond.

Objectives/Outcomes:  The scholars will earn their degree and act as a mentor to others pursuing a degree.  The scholars will develop programs meant to positively impact young people in the community

2017 Be The Miracle Inc.

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